“Well-written, thematically rich. I fell in love with the characters. I didn’t want the pleasure to end.” —Barbara Kingsolver, Poisonwood Bible

The Dark Path to the River is a love story, one of strong-minded women and men who do not see the world the same. It is a story of power and politics on Wall Street and in Africa. It is also the story of two women, friends and journalists, one black and one white, of their search for empowerment and of the men who both shape and are shaped by their worlds.

Olivia, a journalist whose career has slipped off course, is trying to recoup lost prestige by tracking a political confrontation at the United Nations that involves revolutionary leaders from an African country where she’s spent many years. Jenny, Olivia’s longtime friend and colleague, faces confrontation on the domestic front when Kay, a fellow reporter whose career is soaring, returns to New York to cover the same U.N. story. Kay makes a play for Jenny’s husband Mark, a principal in a successful merchant bank on Wall Street that does business in the African country. Jamin Nyo, an African leader dedicated to rescuing his country from its corrupt president, has come to New York on a mission that will make him a murderer—or a dead man. And Robert Nyral—serene, wise, once Jamin’s compatriot and mentor—believes one must see through evil’s guise and so deprive it of its power.

A regional best seller, The Dark Path to the River follows the intertwining lives of these six characters and gives readers action and drama, suspense and intrigue, in a complex morality play. A big-hearted novel, it opens windows on issues central in the lives of many women—and more and more men—today. It probes the links between money and power, fidelity and freedom, the seductions of evil and the influence of moral action.