Electric Grace: Still More Fiction by Washington Area Women

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ed. by Richard Peabody. Washington, D.C. Paycock Press, 2007

About the Anthology
This latest collection of fiction by women writers in the Washington D.C. area includes fiction by Teresa Bevin, Jody Brady, Michelle Brafman, Laura Brylawski-Miller, Brenda W. Clough, Merle Collins, Julie Corwin, Janet Crossen, Rosemarie Dempsey, Cynthia Folcarelli, Corrine Zappia Gormont, Tammy Greenwood-Stewart, Jamie Holland, Jennifer Howard, Eugenia Kim, Annette Curtis Klaus, Randi Kristensen, Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, Barbara Mujica, Jessica Neely, Sarah Pleydell, Vicki Popdan, Liz Roca, Jessie Seigel, Sheryl Stein, Amy Stolls, Mary L. Tabor, Julia Thomas, Sheila Walsh, Riggin Waugh, Mary-Sherman Willis, Robyn Kirby Wright, Hannanah Zaheer, Anna Ziegler, Christy Zink, and more.

“Electric Grace is a marvel, a glorious humming party-line of voices. Bend your ear to the wire and have a listen. You won’t be disappointed.” —Ann Downer, Hatching Magic

Joanne’s Story
“The Arc of My Mother’s Life”—The arc of my mother’s life is reduced to a 90° angle. She sits up in bed, leans back on her pillows, stretches forward, head in her hands. Occasionally she veers to the right then falls upon her side, a wisp of gray hair and flesh diving into pillows.

Book Information

Paperback: 460 pages
ISBN 0-931181-25-9

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