Women for all Seasons

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ed. Wanda Coleman and Joanne Leedom-Ackerman. Los Angeles: Woman’s Building Press, 1988

About the Anthology
The fiction and poetry in this anthology includes work selected from a large number of submissions to the Women’s Building Press, which encourages new work. The stories and poems include stories of children, of mothers and fathers and daughters, of daughters becoming wives and mothers themselves, of women losing and finding their sense of themselves, of women growing old, and of women holding on to friendship among themselves.

Joanne’s Story
“In the house where I grew up, there was a staircase where the women of my family gathered. Each Sunday when the family came together for dinner, my aunts, mother and grandmother congregated on the stairs as they waited for the rolls or the roast to cook in the kitchen nearby. One of them would stand, feet astraddle the floor furnace by the stairs, her skirt billowing with the warm air while the others sat on the steps peering through the balustrade. There they traded stories, advice, and friendship. As a child, I used to run up and down those stairs and in and out of the women’s lives and stories. …”.

Book Information

Soft cover: 73 pages
ISBN 0-944587-00-3

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