Fiction & Poetry by Texas Women

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Release Date: January 1, 1975
Pages: 200
ISBN13: 978-0916092023

About the Anthology

Fiction and Poetry by Texas Women featured new stories and poems by forty-two Texas writers, a number of writers widely recognized like Mary Gray Hughes and Beverly Lowry and others just beginning their careers.

Joanne’s Story

“The Tutor”

The girl did not belong. It was obvious to those watching her walk up Shenandoah Avenue. Under her arm she carried a notebook and a shopping bag. She moved slowly down the street, her eyes darting from side to side–large, curious eyes peering out from under bangs–observing the squat brick houses, the people on their stoops. Those watching thought perhaps she was a welfare worker making her rounds. Every few steps she glanced into her notebook then again scanned the porches. She smiled a shy, tentative smile which asked these strangers to smile back at her. It was her smile, her peculiar bidding, which hinted to the neighbors she was not from welfare.