The Bicentennial Collection of Texas Short Stories

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Published by: Texas Center for Writers Press
Release Date: January 1, 1974
Pages: 198

ed. James P. White. Midland: Texas Center for Writers Press, 1974

About the Anthology

The collection of stories by Texas writers celebrated the America’s Bicentennial and the contribution made by Texas authors to the nation’s literary heritage. The anthology featured short fiction from William Goyen, Michael Mewshaw, Mary Gray Hughes, Gary Gay, Marshall Terry, Margaret Burnham, Sylvan Karchmer, Charles Oliver, Walter McDonald, Chester Sullivan, Ramon Roberto Granado, Joanne Leedom-Ackerman, J.F. Peirce, Max I. Apple, James Newcomer, Bill K. Boydstun, Don Naylor, James Craig Porter, Thomas Zigal, Stan Williams, Amalia Gillespie Phillips, James Hoggard, Les Standiford, Kathy Walton and James P. White.

Joanne’s Story

“Death Stalks a Building Once It Enters”

Mr. Isaacs stood on the edge of the circle of women, his small grey eyes blinking at the sun. As he listened to their talk, his own lips moved, making no sound but warming up to the words. He began rubbing his hand back and forth over the fine brush cut of his white hair. Finally he eased closer to the group. “I didn’t know…” he said. “It upsets me…” he tried again. “How is one to know…” he stammered trying to say how he felt, but the women talked anxiously without him.”…